1. 5:2 Update

    I’ve not been posting regular updates on 5:2 because to be honest it’s so easy there’s not that much to say - on both my fast days this week I ate the same: banana, Waitrose goats cheese couscous salad, Waitrose spring greens soup. On my non-fast days I eat whatever the hell I want and don’t think about it much!

    But I did want to update to say I weighed myself on Tuesday morning after 2 and a half weeks of 5:2 (so having done 5 fast days since starting) and I have lost 1 kg! Now 67.5kg!

    I was amazed - I’d been eating so much on all my non-fast days I would have been happy to have just maintained my previous weight. 


  2. Wednesday (Fast Day) Plan

    Breakfast: banana, 1 fruit crunch ryvita (90, 50)

    Lunch: Sainsburys greek salad with feta and kalamata olives (170)

    Dinner: New Covent Garden wild mushroom soup (160)

    + 30 calories for tea/coffee 


  3. healthychickpea said: You're still on 150 days of keto right? Because unless I've missed something you've not slipped up yet and that is seriously impressive.


    Yeah! I’m on day..49??

    so much respect! 


  4. 5:2 Week 2

    Fast day yesterday (my third) was absolutely fine, still surprised at how easy it can be! 

    I had quite a big breakfast this morning but I’m going to try not to eat loads today just because I couldn’t yesterday - since I didn’t feel deprived or missing out yesterday hopefully I won’t get that urge.

    Apologies if the above is badly phrased, I’ve not had coffee yet!  


  5. 5:2

    I was actually really looking forward to my fast day today! I ate and drank quite a lot over the weekend (pizza, BBQ, tapas, red wine) so it feels quite refreshing to fast today. 

    Probably need to work on eating a bit better on my non-fast days, it’s not drastic but I think I do over-compensate a little. 

    Am planning to drink a lot less alcohol this week and next week, and exercise on non fast days. 


  6. Monday (Fast Day) Plan

    Breakfast: banana (90)

    Lunch: Sainsburys greek salad with feta and kalamata olives (170) 

    Dinner: Glorious butternut squash soup (200)

    Drinks: green tea, water, 40 calories for teas/ coffees 


  7. 5:2

    Yesterday was my second “fast” day since starting 5:2 and it really wasn’t difficult. I was a little hungry at points but not unbearably so. 

    Knowing you can eat whatever you want on the other 5 days makes it much easier to get through the fast days. Today I’ve had poached eggs on toast, Reese’s peanut butter cups, sushi, an avocado and I haven’t even decided what to eat this evening yet! 

    Look at this delicious mango salmon sushi roll that was my mid-morning snack! Love this diet! 


  8. Wednesday (Fast Day) Plan

    Breakfast: banana (90)

    Lunch: Waitrose goats cheese and giant cous cous salad (190) 


    Dinner: Waitrose celeriac and spinach soup (200)


    Drinks: green tea, water, 2 coffees (20)

    Also you are not supposed to exercise on fast days but I had no choice but to cycle to work today so I’m going to eat an extra 100 cals (2 ryvita) to counter balance it. 


  9. 5:2

    Yesterday was a non-fast day, I had brie, I had wine, bread, whatever I wanted. 

    Second fast day today, wish me luck! 


  10. 5:2 

    I completed my first 5:2 fast day! 

    It was difficult at times but actually not as hard as I thought it would be, I didn’t get grouchy or dizzy or anything. 

    When I went to bed last night I was so looking forward to breakfast this morning and it did not disappoint, poached eggs on marmite toast with tea tasted like heaven. 


  11. Breakfast

    Mmmm first meal after fast day: poached eggs on toasted tiger bread with butter and marmite. 

    Followed by cycling to work (30 mins)


  12. buyjunksellantiques said: oh the one I found says to have two pints of milk haha

    That sounds a bit odd! As far as I know 5:2 is 2 non-consecutive days a week of eating 500 calories, eating normally the other 5 days. No exercise on the low cal days. Pretty simple!


  13. Monday (fast day) plan

    Breakfast: banana (90)

    Lunch: Morrisons potato and egg salad bowl (160)


    Dinner: “Glorious” butternut squash soup (200)


    Drinks: water, green tea, 3 or 4 teas or coffees (50ish)


  14. 5:2

    Hi all!

    It’s been a while but I’ve decided to start tumbling again as I’m trying the 5:2 diet and want to record my progress.

    I’m not usually one for “named” diets or any form of restricting but a friend has been on 5:2 for nearly a year and it seems to be a really positive thing for her so I’m giving it a go.

    My “fast” days are going to be Mondays and Wednesdays. So, today being Monday, I am a little nervous to find out how hungry I’m going to be!

    Age: 24
    Height: 166cm
    Weight: 68.4kg

  15. With filters and tensing, I can almost see abs!